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Improving Guitar Speed

Improving your speed comes with a great deal of practice. You also need to learn a technique you are comfortable with to help you improve your picking speed. You can start with an easy guitar song to practice with. Then use a metronome to help you keep a constant and stable beat. As you go along, increase the tempo on the metronome and try to catch up with the beat. You can move on with more difficult riffs and practice with a metronome. If you are wondering why you need a metronome to practice, the answer is you need to make sure that you are following a constant and stable beat. There are chances when you can go too fat or too slow. This will not be able to help you keep the proper rhythm with the song.

You must also improve on your weak fingers to help improve your speed playing. You fingers must all be strong enough to adapt to the needs of the riff you are playing. Practice with your weak fingers and use riffs that will get them involve. This will help you improve on your speed by allowing you to be able to fret more notes with more fingers.

Speaking of training your weak fingers, you can help improve your fingers’ strength with finger weights. Your fingers will then be forced to adjust to the weights. When you get used to the heaviness on your fingers, it will feel like your fingers are flying once you take them off. This will ensure that you will be playing easy guitar songs like your fingers have memorized them on their own.

One thing that you can do to help improve your finger’s agility is to practice your scales. Practicing on scales will be able to help you familiarize yourself with the tones that complement each other. This will make your songs fall into place a lot easier. It will also help you improvise your own when in times that you need to. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Another thing that you must remember is to focus on one goal at a time. If you have decided you are going to try to learn how to play fast, stick to that first. Don’t go taking on other musical projects in the mean time. This will help you focus better on your goals, in turn allowing you to reach them faster. This will help you focus on what it takes to get your fingers to do what you want.