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Easy Ways Clean Guitar

About twice a year your guitar can use some polish on it. Depends on the type of finish of your guitar, you should use different polish. For unfinished surfaces, like bridges and fingerboards, use oil based polish like “lemon oil”. It can also be used on vintage instruments as well. Major guitar manufacturers make polishes for contemporary nitrocellulose or acrylic lacquers. Apply a little polish on a clean cotton rag, wipe it on your guitar, then clean it off with a clean, dry rag. Make sure to oil the bridge too. Because cracking can occur in dry climates, keeping fingerboard and bridge well oils helps to prevent it. Just read instructions before using the polish in case there are special tips you should follow. Some people like to use olive oil on unfinished areas. It’s not a good idea. Over a period of time it can clog up the pores in the wood.

If your guitar is really dirty you can purchase special heavy-duty grease in any music stores. It contains a little bit of grit, which helps to get the extra gunk off, without ruining the looks of your guitar, supposedly. Most of the time it does take some finish off. Not much, but with extensive use it does become noticeable. For best results it’s better to just keep your guitar clean, and resolve to the heavy duty stuff only if absolutely necessary. Also never use any over the counter cleaners as Pledge, Windex, etc… I know I’m being obvious on this one, but you would be surprised how many people I caught using heavy chemicals on their instruments. It still makes me cringe, just thinking about it.

Once in a while it’s a good idea to clean out the dust from the inside of your guitar. You see, dust can absorb moisture, which can potentially harm the wood. Just simply vacuum it out to avoid any damage to the guitar.

Another little tip to remember is to use clean hands as often as possible. Hands contain oil, which in turn rubs of on the guitar attracting dirt and causing those sticky stains no one really likes.