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Digital Wireless Guitar

digital system you should get no interference at all, certainly not from anything on the VHF or UHF frequencies such as radio waves and TV signals. Other digital signals such as phones, Bluetooth and wireless Internet should not be picked up by a wireless guitar system because the receiver is only searching for a digital transmission from the transmitter, which is encoded in a certain way. All other digital transmissions are ignored, so that’s why the chance of interference is virtually impossible. The weak point of digital transmission used to be range, but thanks to advances in technology this is no longer the case. You can see from the digital Line6 Relay product range they have increased the range substantially with each new model, the G30 has a 30m range, the G50 has a 60m range and the G90 has a 90m range.

So overall you have to say that digital systems seem to be superior to VHF or UHF systems, before it was hard to justify the massive amounts of money you would have to spend on a digital system but now they have come down a lot in price; you can even pick up the Joyo digital system for 87.99 (about $145)! The better quality, reliability, and now equal range therefore make digital systems a great purchase. But a lot still depends on build quality. A high priced UHF system is almost certainly going to be better than a low priced digital system. But the best overall systems will be the digital ones.