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Custom Electric Guitar Upgrades

1. Pickup changing. Right here is the upgrade that can have the most effect as more often then not this can be an area where companies cut corners and costs. There are some excellent aftermarket pickup builders who specialise in all different kinds of guitar pickups including humbucker and single coil versions. These gurus will use the most effective components out there and often wind by hand for great results. A big difference can definitely be heard. Difficulty is a 4 as some soldering is going to be necessary.

2. Bridge /tailpiece changing. This improvement will be a lot easier compared to pickup replacement and again will have a very favourable impact on the sound. Another area where manufacturers cut corners is in the quality of the metals used in this department. Replacements will often be made out of brass or lightweight aluminium hence improving the valuable sustain. There’s typically also a noticeable improvement with the intonation as a consequence of greater adjustment options. Difficulty is just a 2, just be sure to obtain the right type and size for your guitar.

3. My last improvement is the tuners. If your guitar is battling to stay in tune or possibly has rattling tuners, the time has arrived for something new. There are many different styles out there, some chrome, some gold and some with plastic material tips. Some will be 3 per side and others are going to be 6 in line. The workings of a substitute set will be way superior than that of a budget guitar, and also some costly models. You’ll truly enjoy havinga guitar that constantly remains in tune. Difficulty is a 2. Just as before don’t forget to check for the correct specifications.